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Terri-Lynn Kalhagen

Host, Business Affairs and Operations
Terri-Lynn Kalhagen is the face for many of our productions.  As a host of our shows she easily guides the individuals that she interviews and provides them a natural confidence while on film.
Terri-Lynn is in charge of business affairs and operations at Xplore Film.  Terri-Lynn's incredible organization skills keep the Xplore Team running like clockwork. Terri-Lynn has a passion for exploring vanishing cultures and exotic places around the world and is the host for the international travel series Overland.  In 2010 she was recognized by Soroptimist International for her work in West Africa to inmprove the lives of other women.

Tony Kalhagen of Xplore Film

Tony Kalhagen

Director, Producer and Music Composer
Tony Kalhagen is a storyteller who is able to capture the creative vision of the subjects he films.  He has worked in 23 countries documenting cultures, wildlife and the natural world.  Through the power of video he has helped raise awareness and funds for humanitarian projects and environmental issues.  As a director he has the ability to make his on camera talent feel relaxed and successful.
Tony began his work in the industry as a composer and music producer and has provided the soundtrack to literally hundreds of hours of TV episodes and short films.  He is also routinely hired as a sound engineer for feature length films and as a Foley artist.  In his spare time he enjoys traveling the world, cooking, performing with various musical projects and picnics with his wife Terri-Lynn and his dog Bisque Kitt.

Lance Hughes filming drone photography videography

Our Extended Family

We pull from a team of talented professionals from across the states of Oregon and Washington on an as needed basis to ensure we capture the highest quality images and interviews allowing us to maintain competitive prices to maximize your investment. Our video drone operators are some of the best in the Pacific Northwest.