A blend of two seasoned musicians, Tony Kalhagen and Amanda Lawrence and the web of musical styles they seamlessly travel through capturing an essence of Singer Songwriter, Jazz, Ambient Lounge and classical.

NOIR has been described as "Theatrical"  "Hauntingly Beautiful" and "Deeply Emotional".

About the Performance

The presentation is a live performance of all original recordings. It is the perfect addition to a bar, restaurant, or special event, when ambient down-tempo music is needed. Noir has the benefit of quick set up/breakdown, and uses a small area - a must for smaller venues. The artists seamlessly mix one track into the next and will sense changes in crowd dynamic, and make subtle adjustments in style and tempo, selecting from an impeccable collection of original compositions that have been featured in television shows and films. You and your assistants can spend time taking care of more important things. Professional and personable Tony Kalhagen has worked in this field since 1996.   Amanda Lawrence is the newest addition to this project and brings with her over 2 decades of performing and recording experience. Noir performs a set for the duration of 2 - 4 hours, depending on your needs. The music might be mellow cool Jazz, Ambient Soundscapes, Ambient House, singer songwriter acoustic interpretations, and up-tempo electronic rock. Audiences are delighted to hear a diverse range of music mixed just perfectly for a classy presentation.


Ambient Lounge Music

This track contains a 5:20 mix of ten songs roughly :30 each. 

This unique musical presentation is a hybrid of ambient mid tempo electronica, live guitars, vocals,  viola, keyboards and flutes composed and performed by Tony Kalhagen with Amanda Lawrence. 



A peak inside the new album coming summer 2019

About Us

Tony Kalhagen


 For over 33 years Tony has performed in a diverse range of venues and musical projects. A long time fixture at art & wine festivals, fine restaurants and wine bars, wineries and corporate events his music enhances the event that is taking place.  He has released 7 full length albums and composed hours of music for television and film. He is currently the lead guitarist for Portland's tribute to the Cure "theXplodingboys". 

Amanda Lawrence


 A long-time Portlander, Amanda is best know for her performances with numerous indie, folk and jazz bands over the years, including Loch Lomand, Menomena,  She and Him, Decemberists, Norfolk and Western, The Builders and the Butchers, Arco and Peter Broderick.  An experienced instructor , Amanda has been giving lessons in her private studio for 15 years, and teaches viola at Cedarwood Waldorf School.